Reduce total cost of care in episode and bundled payment models

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Align your provider partner networks for efficient care

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Reduce Unwarranted Care Variations and Improve Outcomes

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Designed to Build Your Roadmap for Success in Bundled Payments

A successful implementation of a bundled payment model needs to overcome multiple challenges
  • Bundle Selection: Identifying bundling opportunities and defining episode definitions

  • Provider Network Management: Identifying and managing providers across the care continuum and delivering efficient care

  • Variation Reduction: Reducing unwarranted variations in care to deliver better patient outcomes


Reduce total average episode cost by up to 20%

Reduce post-acute care Costs by up to 30%

Reduce care variation Costs by up to 50%


How Can We Help You?

Episode of Care IQ is a bundled payments solution for organizations to design, administer, and monitor
episode-based reimbursement programs and reduce the total cost of care.

Design episodes of care for targeted patient populations using our library of built in episode definitions or custom definitions with the objective of optimizing cost of care.

Administer and operationalize the program by coordinating the provider network, improving patient communication and, tracking quality and reimbursements metrics.

Monitor the program performance and reduce unwarranted variation across the network.